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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we have gathered some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers.

You can also contact us, and we’ll be very glad to offer you advice and consultation regarding our products.

Q: Do I need fluoride-containing or fluoride-free toothpaste?

A: Need in using fluoride-containing products is fully individual and dependent on water quality and its characteristics in each region. That is why Splat offers choice to the customers. The products containing fluoride have its most effective organic form, Olaflur, supplemented with sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate. Use of fluoride has been proved to be the most effective tooth decay prevention method. At the same time, the use of fluorides has risen more questions among professional community recently, and in some countries, like Japan, it is banned from use at all.

Q: What toothpaste has got the most mint flavor? What toothpaste has got the least mint flavor?

A:  In Splat Professional series, the least minty toothpaste is the Green Tea. In Splat Special series, the least minty toothpastes are Organic and Sea Minerals. The toothpaste Arcticum from Splat Professional series has got the strongest mint flavor. Its most peculiar feature is a supper cooling effect, its primary action is the maximum protection from tooth decay bacteria throughout the day.

Q: Can a tooth restore itself?

A: Human saliva contains a substance that can restore the enamel. During some time after you have eaten, bacteria in your mouth produce very harmful acids, and the teeth are subject to a process of destruction. Then, after 30-40 minutes, the environment that helps to self-heal the teeth enamel is restored in the mouth again. To help the teeth recover quickly, you can use a toothpaste which contains a substance – hydroxyapatite. It is akin to a component of enamel and acts like a seal, sealing superficial damage to the enamel. Such toothpastes are Biocalcium, Ultracomplex, Siberry. Cleaning your teeth and mouth at bedtime helps to regenerate enamel. For effective oral care at night try Aromatherapy toothpaste. It contains enamel recovering calcium and has got a prolonged cleaning action.

Q: Is it necessary to alternate the toothpaste?

A: It is important to alternate a toothpaste that is used in the morning and in the evening. The use of two or more kinds of toothpastes prevents addiction and helps to solve various problems that a single toothpaste can not fully cope with. For example, protection against bacteria and strengthening the teeth with calcium are most important during the night, while during the day, fresh breath and teeth whiteness are required. Thanks to the diversity of Splat product line, even the most demanding consumers can choose their favorite oral care products. In the morning, for a white smile, you can use White Plus or Extreme White toothpastes, while toothpaste Arcticum will energise you with outstanding freshness. In the evening, to protect teeth and gums against bacteria and help self restoration, use Biocalcium or Aromatherapy toothpastes.

Q: Which toothpaste is recommended for those who smoke?

A: We recommend Blackwood toothpaste. It contains juniper berries extract and a complex of active ingredients that provide superb protection by blocking the formation of plaque and bacteria. Karelian birch charcoal whitens, absorbs odor and dirt, as well as contributes to the color of the toothpaste – it is black! In addition, the toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite – enamel construction substance, which embeds in the area of tooth surface damage and scratches, thus reducing the likelihood of fixing tobacco resins and pigments.

Q: Are your products cruelty free and animal friendly?

A: It is wonderful that in our world there are people like you who do care about ethical standards. We can confirm that Splat products are not tested on animals, and we write about that from time to time on our social media pages.

All information provided on the packaging of our products, on our leaflets and the website is confirmed by certification research protocols where it is stated that Splat uses an alternative testing method – in-vitro, also often called “test tube experiments”. It means that Splat performs studies with cells and biological molecules outside their normal biological context — not with animals. The certification with the world recognised organisations like BUAV is a lengthy process, and Splat is a relatively young company. However, we do believe that Splat products will bear the leaping bunny logo — the world recognised symbol of ethical attitude towards animals — in not so distant future.