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FAQ by Brand


Mimijumi FAQ

Q. BPA free?
 A. Ventilated, BPA, pthalalate, toxin free

Q. Colic free?
 A. Yes. Bottle includes an integrated ventilation system to aid in the baby's digestion.

Q. How long can the bottle last when used constantly?
 A. Until the baby grow. Unlike normal bottles where you have to dispose after 6-8 months, mimijumi is not made of PES, PP or PA plastics and hence does not contain any toxic/plastic leakage after constant use.

Q. Is it dish washer safe?
 A. Yes

Q. Can it be sterilized?
 A. Yes

Q. Is there a shelve life or expiry date?
 A. No

Q. Where is it manufactured?
 A: In Europe. Material is from Switzerland, manufactured in Austria.

Q. What are the advantages of using grilamid nylon material compared to plastic?
 A: Safety is primary concern. It is also more durable, stable in property, clear as glass and easy to clean.

Q. What does the anti leak feature mean?
 A: There is a hole in the nipple for drinking, so some milk (a small amount)will come out. It does not leak on the sides. For it to flow the baby must latch on to the nipple and suck

Q. How do I clean the nipple?
 A: Top rack dishwasher safe or mild detergent. Sterilize before first use by boiling.

Q. Can I put into the baby bottle and nipples in the warmer?
 A: All bottle warmers work well with the mimijumi at any heat.

Q. Is it microwavable?
A: No. Never use a microwave as it might melt the bottle.

Q. How do I close the cap properly?
 A: Place the cap over the nipple, slide intil it clicks or catches and push the other side down to snap it on.

Q. If the bottle helps transition babies from breast feeding to bottle,has it been proven to work the other way round or interchange if the mother decides to continue breast feeding ?
 A: Yes it is perfect for going between the bottle and the breast. Occasional once daily bottle feeding by a breastfeeding mother is the most poopular use for mimijumi.

Q. What is the difference between the standard nipple that comes with the bottle with your replacement nipple flow 3 sold here?
 A. The standard nipple that comes with the bottle has the slowest flow rate. Once your baby grows bigger, they get hungrier and can take in more milk and that’s when you require a faster flow.

Q. Does it have any certification?
 A. Yes. It meets all US F.D.A requirements.

Q. Where can I get it in Malaysia?
A. Click here to view our store locator.

Q. What role does Portes play?
A. We are the exclusive local distributor.